Letter: What new secrets will Trump share with Putin?

Published: 7/30/2018 12:01:09 AM

The first time Donald Trump met Vladimir Putin in the White House, his aides were in the room. They let the world know Trump blurted out secret information the U.S. was given by Israel that Israel did not want shared with Russia.

What did Trump learn from this incident? If you intend to give away state secrets, do not have witnesses. Since then he and Putin have met privately with only a translator present. Not even his security advisers know what he discusses during these meetings. Only the Russians are willing to say something about what Trump agreed to at the meeting.

Apparently, a two-hour meeting in Helsinki was not enough time to tell Putin everything or get all the marching orders from Putin, so Trump invited Putin to the White House this fall. After so many in his own party complained publicly, Trump put the meeting off until after the election. I hope the room is bugged so someone in America knows what secrets he is giving away and what new orders he received.



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