Letter: Teens and screens

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Published: 2/20/2018 12:03:51 AM
Teens and screens

Thanks to James Cobern for helping bring Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age to the PMHS lecture hall last month.

My worst fears were realized. We are losing human contact – all for convenience, entertainment, communication and information.

Through all our lives we are influenced by the people who cross our paths. How can you replace human contact with a screen?

Thanks to Stand Up Pittsfield for supporting this informative film and the conversation that followed. Thanks to the teenagers who came and shared their views. Thanks to the school cleaning crew. Whenever I go into Pittsfield schools, they are well maintained, clean and bright. That doesn’t happen by itself.

I hope people realize that our schools are looking at an uncertain future due to voters blaming the school for their financial difficulties. This was evident last year. Our school has done well to adapt to the decrease in revenue from the state. The schools and teachers need our help in March. I hope you will support them



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