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The Concord Monitor offers unequalled reach in New Hampshire's Capital Region through its family of newspaper, online and specialty publications.

The Monitor gives you the greatest reach of any local media in Concord and surrounding towns.

  • In Concord proper, more than four out of five adults have read the Monitor in the past week. No other paper or medium comes close.
  • 65% of adults in the greater Capital Region market area have read the Monitor in the past week.
  • The Monitor's daily and Sunday readership is three times the number of people who listened to the region's most-popular radio station at any point during the day. (And who knows how many are listening when your message airs?)

The Monitor reaches all demographic groups.

  • Newspaper readership is highest among older, affluent, home-owning adults.
  • But newspaper readership is strong among younger adults, too -- more than three out of five adults age 18 to 34 have read the Monitor in the past week.

Shoppers rely on the Monitor.

The Monitor's reach is growing.

  • The Monitor's primary website,, is the region's top local online news destination, with more than 2 million page views in a typical month.

The Monitor offers unparalleled reach AND targeting.

  • Content sections in the newspaper, like Food, Home and Family and Sports, are an easy way to get your message in front of like-minded readers.
  • The Concord Insider reaches young and old alike in the city of Concord.
  • And now the Monitor offers a growing array of specialty publications, which target desirable readers around the state with high-quality, local content.
Check out our recent Readership Survey for more details.

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