Letter: Webster should vote ‘no’ on Article 2

Published: 2/20/2018 12:03:18 AM

At the March 13 Webster Town Election for officers, voters will also be voting on one warrant article. That warrant article reads in part: To see if the Town will vote to combine the offices of Town Clerk/Tax Collector under the provisions of RSA 41:45-a.

During the Feb. 8 public hearing, all three Select Board members indicated they will be voting “No.” I am one of those Select Board members, and I am voting “No” for these reasons:

1. Currently, we have Michele Derby and Karen King in these positions. These are two very capable people who have been resoundingly re-elected in the past.

2. Savings from combining the positions seems unlikely. Higher costs is more likely.

3. Both of these positions require extensive training. For example, our town clerk has state certification to register vehicles, and she registers those vehicles with the ease and convenience we have all enjoyed for many years now. Being able to register here in town means revenue to the town.

4. Please don’t think the times either of these elected officials have for open office hours are the only times they spend on the job. Michele and Karen work many hours outside normal office hours, and many of you know they have both gone above and beyond their regular office times when someone needed some extra help.

This warrant article is not a fix because nothing is broken. Please join me at the ballot box and vote “No.”

Bruce Johnson


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