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Letter: Abstinence remains the solution

Published: 7/30/2018 11:00:29 PM

R.P. Hale, do you really think that life it so disposable that it should ever be snuffed out by abortion? (Monitor, July 26)

The choice of having a child should be made before people engage in sexual intercourse, because that is where human life begins. Family values should be taught in our homes, schools and churches. The human body has a dignity worthy of respect beyond all imagining. The family is the core of society, and if our families and communities fail to teach and protect what is essential to life, our  world will be corrupted and fall into disarray.

Abortion for any reason is toxic to our society, which depends on solid moral values. Abstinence before marriage should be taught in our homes, schools and churches. Upholding the dignity of all human beings will determine the direction of society. Caring for the human person from the womb to the tomb is the best path toward upholding the dignity of humanity.

Pauline Copeley


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