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Letter: Big day for voters on Sept. 13

Published: 7/30/2018 11:01:17 PM

Sept. 13 will be a defining day in the history of New Hampshire.

This is veto override day in Concord. The House and Senate will vote yea or nay for pieces of legislation that Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed in this last legislative session.

One of these vetoed bills is Senate Bill 365, the wood biomass bill that will decide the course of history for the Granite State. The question that gets answered on this day is whether New Hampshire will continue to have a working and sustainable forest industry with millions of dollars in local tax base and good paying jobs or not.

Senate Bill 365 is about the North Country. Over a third of the state is forested, most of it north of Concord. This veto override will require a three-fifths yea majority, which is 240 votes in the 400 member House and at least 15 votes in the 24 member Senate.

This three-fifths override majority requirement is a real problem. A vast majority of the legislators in this state are from the southern tier, many have never even been to the North Country, never mind voting for working forests and their history. Loyalty to Gov. Chris Sununu will also be a part of this vote.

Sept. 13 will be New Hampshire history in progress.

Steven J. Connolly


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